[200q20v] UFO brake replacement for 200TQ

hah3 at mindspring.com hah3 at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 29 14:34:37 EST 2001

Tom Daily <TDaily at genlyte.com> wrote:
> I have a 200TQ 20V with 62,000 miles. Pads are OK but  UFO rotors have been turned & are way thin. Would like to replace front rotors & am weighing new UFO vs conversion alternatives.

>What's best price for UFO rotors & where to buy?
Probably Carlsen, as someone else noted.

>What conversion alternatives do you recomment? Want to do Fronts only. What about wheel clearance issues if I convert? I have 17" Audi take-offs from a A6 2.7T.

BIRA (www.bira.org) now seems to have a bolt-on conversion for UFO cars, if the 17"ers are your only wheels (no winter wheels/snow tires) then that would seem like the way to go, pretty sure they will fit over the BIRA kit.

Other vendors like TAP, 2Bennett, Anderson, etc. also offer solutions for UFO cars, but they are most likely going to be more expensive and/or require some machine work. Or you could downgrade to the G60 brakes and then upgrade those, but that's going to get expensive as well.

Because I like my 15" studded snow tires in winter, I will probably stick with UFOs as long as I can; they are by design the biggest brake you can fit under a 15" wheel. I would also be looking at brake conversion costs + wheel set + tires + winter wheels + >16" snow tires...yikes, not good while trying to buy a house.

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