[200q20v] ECU update

DanMurphy1 at aol.com DanMurphy1 at aol.com
Mon Oct 29 20:10:03 EST 2001

Installed the tap chip friday evening, but was getting to late to put the 
spring in.
Drove the car to pick some things up less spring, not much of a change worth 
talking about. 
Up bright and early Sat. to install the spring, weather was a little nippy 
here in the DC area, and after the drive last nite I was thinking the spring 
was a waste of time. So in goes the spring, the 20V really has advanced in 
design compaired to the 10V and much easier to work on.  Told the wife I will 
be back in a minute, just going to try it out.  Well that was the fastest 
hour of fun I have had since I chipped my 86tq two years ago. Car ran 
fantastic, except it thru the air comp.   belt, I think it's the AutoZone 
K.Springfields just do not like running the 7000 rpm range, sure glad this 
rascal cuts out @7200 rpm, it's for sure there for a reason.
Now for some info from all BTDT's.
I have noticed an increase in motor vibration after the timing belt job.
Used Blau. parts and tools, harmonic balancer is straight, tensioner is 
seated and all looks good. I am cocearned it may have something to do with 
the dist. and the crushing off of the old rotor, could this cause a vibe?
I will change all the belts with another brand, just in case.
Also, the car was running so good Sat. that on Sun. decided to install the 
cone K&N air filter that I had ordered with the chip. I know, no flames 
I should have washed the engine and compartment down first because when you 
get into boost this thing sounds like it could inhale leaves from ten feet 
wow, what a sound, cannot say if there is a performance diff. but the sound 
sure makes it feel faster.  But now I am also hearing another sound when the 
boost starts coming up?

A metalic spinning that whirrs up and down with the turbo.
No, must be a cat shield, no it's the turbo.
Pulled the intake hose from the turbo. looks great, no metal shavings, spins 
No movement front to back, slight from side to side, I have felt worse.
Any thing else to check before pulling the turbo?

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