[200q20v] 200q20v] Boost?.was: ECU upgrade question..now exhaust question

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Jeremy Williams mentioned a full 3" SS exhaust for our cars that
his shop can do, turbo-back, for under $1k.

I'd look into that option as well, as I would if I had the money
to do so at this moment.


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exhaust question

Im interested in knowing what exhausts are you considering?   I have been
contemplating what to do about my stock exhaust.
Keep it? seems pretty good dual ~2.25"   pros and cons?  heavy?
custom 3" galvanized steel?  it would be the cheapest route..
make my own 3" 304 stainless downpipe cat back,  still fairly expensive
$500 - $600 depending on if I have the pipes bent or buy pre bent tubes and
I would be interested in hearing what others have done and what true or
seat of the pants performance gains they get.

---Claus, by chance do you have a pearl white avant in Copenhagen with
darkened taillights?  I was there a few weeks ago in Frederiksberg on
Falkoner Alle

Brian Link
Boulder, Co

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When the needle is fluctuating expect to find
a leak at the pressure side.
I at the moment use IA V, but with a spring and no
WG-control - and my original kkk24.
Max boost set by spring to 1.4 Bar = 20.5 PSI
and this is falling to 16 PSI at 3. gear WOT @7000 rpm.
I think, the kkk24 is not able to suspend more than 300 HP.
But my back pressure from cat's and exhaust is raising to 2 PSI,
so that's half of the culprit.

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