[200q20v] TAP cone filter questions

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Tue Oct 30 11:28:51 EST 2001

In a message dated 10/29/01 5:12:59 PM, DanMurphy1 at aol.com writes:

<< decided to install the
cone K&N air filter that I had ordered with the chip. I know, no flames
I should have washed the engine and compartment down first because when you
get into boost this thing sounds like it could inhale leaves from ten feet
wow, what a sound, cannot say if there is a performance diff. but the sound
sure makes it feel faster. >>

Is the TAP/K&N cone shielded from engine/turbo heat, and is there a way in
which outside ambient air can be plumbed to it?  I was able to set-up a
system on my Miata that reduced intake temperature(at TB) by as much as 40
degrees(F) on a 70 degree day, with minimal heat soak in stop and go traffic.
However, without adequate shielding and cool air ducting, heat soak more than
offsets any performance gains due to increased flow. I'm assuming that this
would be especially critical on a turboed vehicle, with it's higher underhood

Do you know what the difference is in CFM flow capacity between stock panel,
K&N panel and TAP's cone filters?

Is the TAP unit simply a plastic tube and cone that could be made with ABS
and a K&N, and fit inside the stock box?

Any BTDT? TIA...

Mitch Frey
Portland, Oregon
'91 200tq IA Stage 3
'00 A6 2.7T

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