[200q20v] Front amber lights

RicebalLDR at aol.com RicebalLDR at aol.com
Tue Oct 30 19:04:19 EST 2001

    As those of us that have converted to Euro Lights know you lose the amber
parking lights outboard of the headlights. They are replaced by silver
Tonight I discovered that my wife's 1997 A6 avant has dual filament bulb
sockets in the front, outboard of the headlights. These sockets fit into the
front turn signal lights located in the front bumpers of our cars. Maybe not
the perfect solution however I would like some lighting in the front of the
car if the headlight are off or the ignition is switched of. I believe the
part number for the sockets is 4A0 953 053A Has anyone else done this
                                                    Richard Friedrich
                                                    1991 200  20v avant
                                                    1997 A6 avant

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