[200q20v] Front amber lights

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Did you not hook up the city light feature of the euro lights? Small 12 volt
bulb that makes the headlights glo and are used as parking lights.


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>     As those of us that have converted to Euro Lights know you lose the
> parking lights outboard of the headlights. They are replaced by silver
> reflectors.
> Tonight I discovered that my wife's 1997 A6 avant has dual filament bulb
> sockets in the front, outboard of the headlights. These sockets fit into
> front turn signal lights located in the front bumpers of our cars. Maybe
> the perfect solution however I would like some lighting in the front of
> car if the headlight are off or the ignition is switched of. I believe the
> part number for the sockets is 4A0 953 053A Has anyone else done this
> modification?
>                                                     Richard Friedrich
>                                                     1991 200  20v avant
>                                                     1997 A6 avant
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