[200q20v] Drivers side door lock

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Oct 31 01:11:38 EST 2001

At 9:29 PM -0800 10/30/01, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>Like most everybody, I've replaced the actuating arm on the driver's side
>door lock, but the question is, has anybody else had a problem with the lock
>cylinder loosening up over time?
>My guess is the circlip on the back of the lock cylinder is going t.u.  The
>other thing was, I remember when i did the work I reused the circlip that
>was on the lock cylinder originally, not the one that came with the
>replacement parts.  I recall the repacement part seeming flimsy, mounting
>incorrectly, or the like.
>Any suggestions as to what part might be needing updating, as I'd like to
>get the part in hand before I take the door apart, although I'd prefer to
>not take it apart at all.

When I replaced the driver's lock mechanism (arm)  I also tried to
reuse the old circlip but found that it had became "stretched" (also
fatigued) in the process of removing/installing and hence the fit
seemed much too sloppy. The new circlip that was in the set of
replacement parts was extremely wimpy-looking and I wasn't happy with
using it. I was given another (new) circlip at a local Audi shop and
it worked fine. A couple of days later I found that there is a
non-metric size (9/16") circlip that seems to be verrry close match
in size, in case you cannot get an official Audi part.

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