[200q20v] vibration/moan

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Oct 31 02:03:52 EST 2001

Okay guys, at highway speeds I've got a moan that comes and goes.
Speed sensitive and pitch changes with speed.  Acceleration either
way doesn't seem to make a difference, nor does left-right motions.

I've always had somewhat of a moan in the front, but it wasn't that
loud(you couldn't hear it very well over road noise.)  This is much,
much louder.  Seems to be mostly around 80mph indicated(so about
72-73.)  I've also always had a vibration that sets in under certain
specific speeds(I think it's lower, around 70-75 indicated.)  At
first I thought it was a misbalance; my mechanic at the time blamed
the tires for both the noise and vibration.  New tires were long
since put on the car, balanced, etc.

Another new item is some sort of vibration/thumping, seems like it's
coming from in back.  Very difficult to pick up, but at
slow(10-25mph) it's a regular bump-bump-bump-bump.

Any ideas?  Inspect the CV boots, jack the car up and check for
wobble?  I've never noticed any wobble when rotating the tires,
something I admittedly don't have to do very often...

Oh...additional info that might be related.  Center driveshaft was
replaced by PO(no idea why; I've -never- heard of that failure
before) with a used unit from Shokan. Same with front shafts/CVs.
Same thing.  No idea why, but I have the receipt from them buried
somewhere.  In the same area, a cat was replaced.  It's like some
mystery beast came along and broke a whole bunch of things in that

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