[200q20v] HELP! Fuel pump

Neil Swanson 75377.3445 at compuserve.com
Sat Sep 1 12:25:35 EDT 2001

Hey out there

Anyone on line who's done a new style fuel pump?   My old one is out, the
new one assembled but no way in hell can I get the new assembly to line up
and let me get to the point of giving it the final "twist" to lock it in
place with the tool.

I can see the 3 tabs in the basket/reciever to line up with, I've marked
them so from above I can see them while I work but they just don't line up.
 I can rotate the new assembly 360 degrees and nothing, it just goes round.
 What I think is that while I rotate it I should just find a point where
the tabs line up and it should then drop a bit letting me know to put on
the tool and click it in place

I don't know how well I explained the above.  My arm is down the hole and
it just won't line up.  I checked the strainer and "basket" the new pump is
i with parts numbers from the 200 fiche. All is good there.

I should mention this.  The last owner had the fuel tank replaced.  This
was years ago..   The last guy who reinstalled the pump also never got it
to click into place as when I pulled out all the OE parts the pump assembly
just pulled out!   I wasn't loose or lying there and it had no problem
picking up fuel when the tank was low. At the Glen a few days ago on my
last session I was flying aound with the 15-20 miles till empty warning
flashing at me and I had no fuel problems at all.

So WTF?!

I'm hot and soaked with sweat.  If anyone has any ideas call me at 203 216
4700, it is 11:21am EST

As long as I'm in the trunk I'm going to take the time to forget the
freakin' pump and install a new power antenna. Then when that is done I'll
tackle the pump again and I may leave it installed as it was when I took it




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