[200q20v] Scary Noise- Please Help!

Leeds i2k at uswest.net
Sat Sep 1 13:20:51 EDT 2001

Hi Folks,

My 91 200q makes a rythmic but not constant noise after driving that seems
to emanate from the accessory drive/water pump/timing belt area. The timing
belt only has 20k on it, and the accessory belts are (I believe) pretty
fresh. My fear is that the water pump may go, taking the timing belt with
it, causing major internal damage. Can anyone describe noises that indicate
I should have it flat-bedded to my tech without further driving, versus
non-terminal noises such as bearings in the alternator that would mean I can
use the car until I get it to my man who is 35 miles away? I'll be the most
grateful guy ever. TIA

91 200q
a few mods

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