[200q20v] Scary Noise- Please Help!

Pete Kunzler pck at gte.net
Sun Sep 2 14:17:51 EDT 2001

You can also use the broom handle method to figure out were it is coming
from. I used this last night when we had the car all back together after
doing a timing belt swap. Turns out we didn't get the new idler pulley on
all the way and it was scrapping the cover.



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> At 12:20 PM -0600 9/1/01, Leeds wrote:
> >Hi Folks,
> >
> >My 91 200q makes a rythmic but not constant noise after driving that
> >to emanate from the accessory drive/water pump/timing belt area. The
> >belt only has 20k on it, and the accessory belts are (I believe) pretty
> >fresh. My fear is that the water pump may go, taking the timing belt with
> >it, causing major internal damage. Can anyone describe noises that
> >I should have it flat-bedded to my tech without further driving, versus
> >non-terminal noises such as bearings in the alternator that would mean I
> >use the car until I get it to my man who is 35 miles away? I'll be the
> >grateful guy ever. TIA
> The "rythmic but not constant" description thows me a bit. By "not
> constant" do you mean that sometimes it's there but sometimes the
> noise is gone (or less loud)? Anyway, my car's also had (does have)
> "rthythmic" noise from that area and I convinced myself it is from
> the hydraulic pump drive-belt. I used a fine spray of water applied
> the various belts (e.g, from Windex bottle) which immediately (as in
> "instantaneously") made the noise disappear for a short while. You
> might try this--even though the belts seem in good condition.
> Phil
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