[200q20v] Factory CD Changer

skikrzy skikrzy at msn.com
Mon Sep 3 19:19:05 EDT 2001

Anyone know whom the Mfgr. was for the Factory CD with 6 stack? No brand
name that I can find." Made in Japan" My problem is that apparently it does
not transmit out to the fm receiver in the car or to my other cars parked
nearby on 88.3 or 88.7 fm as per the instructions. I ve had the car 2 weeks
and today it played for the first time for 10 seconds thru the car's Radio.
Had the cover off and have proved that it loads and runs, maybe it is the
laser. I know nothing about electronics, but want to restore it. Have the
factory phone installation too. This car is quite a surprise, I want to know
more, am a car nut , saw it on the lawn of a estate here in Ohio, paid 7k
,one owner, 67k,( had 37 on it until 99), new belt and brakes, dark metallic
blue, beautiful condition, stick, apparently all factory options, 200q20v.
This car is a mink!

Q How many were imported?
Q What was the factory name for the midnight blue color?
Q Front tires ( Eagles) show some wear on the inside edges, normal for a "Q"
or do I invest in an alignment check? I think they are orig so I better get
new ones anyway.

Will keep reading, thanks , Will

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