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Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Sep 3 22:20:09 EDT 2001

Check at Ti Kan's Radio 
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At 06:19 PM 09/03/2001 -0400, skikrzy wrote:

>Anyone know whom the Mfgr. was for the Factory CD with 6 stack? No brand
>name that I can find." Made in Japan" My problem is that apparently it does
>not transmit out to the fm receiver in the car or to my other cars parked
>nearby on 88.3 or 88.7 fm as per the instructions. I ve had the car 2 weeks
>and today it played for the first time for 10 seconds thru the car's Radio.
>Had the cover off and have proved that it loads and runs, maybe it is the
>laser. I know nothing about electronics, but want to restore it. Have the
>factory phone installation too. This car is quite a surprise, I want to know
>more, am a car nut , saw it on the lawn of a estate here in Ohio, paid 7k
>,one owner, 67k,( had 37 on it until 99), new belt and brakes, dark metallic
>blue, beautiful condition, stick, apparently all factory options, 200q20v.
>This car is a mink!
>Q How many were imported?
>Q What was the factory name for the midnight blue color?
>Q Front tires ( Eagles) show some wear on the inside edges, normal for a "Q"
>or do I invest in an alignment check? I think they are orig so I better get
>new ones anyway.
>Will keep reading, thanks , Will
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