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> Subject: [audi20v] Distr. Rattle
> Listers:  Will my rattling distributor self destruct if I don't use the 20V
> sites recommendation of spacers used on the distributor body.  I'm a little
> wary of putting something on the distributor without really knowing what
> widths of washers to use.  Where can you find washers that are needed for this
> fix.
You can feel/measure the axial clearance of the distributor shaft insitu.
Just remove the cover and measure the axial movement of the rotor.  Without
measuring, my spare 200-20V dist feels like about 5 to 10 thou.  IMO, this
small clearance would not be the principle cause of the elusive rattle.
More likely its a loose timing belt talking to a worn timing chain,
torsional vibrations, but dist gear tooth and axial shaft clearances could
add to the back talk, and possible gear failure.

Any bearing supply house will have assorted shim washers.

> I've consulted a few Audi wrenches and they've advised going to the
> metal gear distributor.  They say your rattling will go away and you don't
> have to worry about the plastic gear exploding due to having the stress of
> having washers wedged between the cam gear and the body put upon it.
For-hire wrenches will always recommend part replacement rather than repair,
inasmuch as there is more money in it for them, and possibly fewer returns.

> Anybody who's done the chageover to the metal gear have any comments on this?
Is it true?
The new dist with metal gear will be fail proof toothwise, but may not help
much with the rattle.  The whole cam drive system needs to be checked.

> One mechanic has suggested getting a gear off another distributor from
> a single cam 5 cylinder car, can this be done?  I have my doubts on this too.
Not the same gear, tooth pitch and diameter are different.

> Comments wanted on this subject.
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