[200q20v] More interest in quattrospokesmodel then the spokesmodel's car

agaidos at got.net agaidos at got.net
Tue Sep 4 13:54:05 EDT 2001

 First, thanks to Wolff and Jeff who stopped by Saturday it looks like I'll be 
able to resolve the stumbling problem with my wife's 91 200q20vt. Turbo bypass 
valve most likely and simple enough to change. If I get that fixed maybe I can 
have my Jeep back (The spokesmodel has taken it away from me until her car is 
fixed!). If anyone is interested in the car keep us posted. With my handy 
digital camera I can provide detailed photos for those interested. It has 106k 
miles on it:
http://gaidos.got.net/Carol's. Link to the car pictures are at the bottom of 
the page.

 Second, in my wife's infinate patience I was able to snap some new pictures of 
her. As she is the boss I cannot update her Audi site until she decides which 
shots are acceptable to her. I do have a couple I know will make the cut and I 
am leaking them out. She does this to humor me and would never miss it if I 
lost the damn camera. She DOES NOT miss being in front of the camera and 
reminds me of this regularly! She'd like to sell the car to help pay for her 
kitchen remodel.


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