[200q20v] Re: [audi20v] oil pressure drop

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Tue Sep 4 22:10:44 EDT 2001


You said Engineer Restorer.  Boy, could I use some of that stuff!

Engine Restorer is a cleaning and carbon deposit solvent.  In your case it
has been sucessful in opening up the restrictive areas causing oil pressure
to build up, and which has been restricting oil flow.  That's not bad, its

If oil's only purpose in an engine were lubrication, engines would be
designed to operate on a pint or less of oil.  98% of oil's job is cooling.
It must remove heat from the bearings as well as pistons and cylinder walls.
Inasmuch as oil temperature rise must be held within the oil's temperature
limitations, heat removal is governed by oil flow.  Clearances will rapidly
wear until they are sufficient to provide sufficient oil for cooling, called
the break-in period.

Friction heat developed within a bearing is primarily removed from the
bearing by this excess oil spewing from the sides of the bearing, not the
small amount traveling through the lubrication wedge.  Pump oil pressure is
not required for bearing lubrication.  If fluid lubricant is supplied at the
wedge opening, the bearing is its own pump from there on and will develop
the pressure required to carry the load, often many times that of pump
supply pressure.

In summery, low indicated oil pressure means maximum oil flow, which is the
best of conditions.  Worry only if you have no oil pressure.


> From: "Carolus Chow" <carolus at canada.com>
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> Subject: [audi20v] oil pressure drop
> Hello, quick question, the gauge usually reads 5+ bar on the highway...but
> just recently it does not go past 3.5 bars...is my oil pump failing??  I've
> been using Enginer Restorer couple times now...would it clog up the pump?
> thanks, Carolus
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