[200q20v] Two brake questions

Dikeman, Brett brett.dikeman at proactcorp.com
Sun Sep 9 19:15:07 EDT 2001

Low fluid level or failing bomb are my guesses.  Do the famous bomb
test...run the car for 30 seconds if you haven't driven it within a few
hours ago, then shut off and pump the pedal.  You should get a LOT of pumps
before the pedal goes hard...well over 10.  Note of caution...do NOT fill
the reservoir more than the max line before you do this test, if you have a
healthy bomb, it can release enough fluid to overflow the container(yuck.)

If that checks out, confirm fluid levels(my guess is brake fluid; if it were
hydraulic fluid, when you turned the wheel suddenly, you'd get a flickering
light, not when you braked, which dumps more hydraulic fluid into the
reservoir because the bomb discharges somewhat.)


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>  All,
> Driving my wife's 91 200 around I've noticed the brake 
> warning light will
> flash briefly when I hit the brakes quickly and firmly. I've 
> also noticed
> the pedal is a little soft. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Anton
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