[200q20v] stumbling when I left

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Sep 10 10:44:23 EDT 2001

>  To update this problem, it looks like the 7mm line that runs along the air
>intake from the bypass valve to the manifold was broken in two. It was under
>the intake tube behind the heat shield for the turbo. I found it was split
>when I checked where that line ran to. A little tug explained it.
>  So it appears not to be the turbo bypass valve but related plumbing,
>Wife's '91 200q mechanic

Replacing the tubing should be of at least some benefit since you'll 
be eliminating a big manifold leak, but it may not produce a complete 
cure since there's is a good chance that the valve also is defective 
(unless replaced recently). As I recall, putting the tubing onto the 
nipple of the valve is much easier to do if the valve is removed, so 
that would be a good time to test whether or not it is working OK. A 
better alternative might be to cut back the present tubing--to where 
it's still intact--and test the valve (while in place) for leakage. 
You should apply  pressure _and_ vacuum at that nipple, and the valve 
should "hold tight" for both.

Replacement valve is under $40 from Carlsen Audi.

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