[200q20v] Emissions Saga

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Mon Sep 10 21:03:41 EDT 2001

Sounds like a lot of unburned gas going thru the exhaust. How bad is  your
fuel economy? Maybe weak spark due to old wires? A vacuum leak?

helmville, mt

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> In case any of you guys care, my car now sports a nice, new MA inspection
> sticker.
> A little history, back on 6/22/2001. my car failed for high HC's at idle:
> http://www.audifans.com/pipermail/200q20v/2001-July/004243.html
> So then I did some stuff to the car:
> http://www.audifans.com/pipermail/200q20v/2001-August/004612.html
> So in total I did the following:
> - Ran 2 tanks of Techron
> - Ran a tank of "Emission Pass"
> - Changed the oil
> - Replace the K&N air filter with a new paper filter
> - Fixed multifunction temp switch
> - Installed new spark plugs
> - Replaced O2 sensor (with generic 3-wire)
> - Added a bottle of dry gas for the retest
> Went for a retest.  Well, that was challenging. Spent days and hours
trying to
> get it re-tested. At the original testing station, for whatever reason,
> couldn't get the test to run all the way through. Kept resetting at the
end of
> the test, and starting from the beginning.  They rebooted, asked me to
come back
> in the am when it was cooler, called the people who run the testing
> etc.  Finally, they said they just couldn't do it, I would have to take
the car
> to another testing station.  If it passed, I got my original fee back.
> spent over 5 hours there over 3 days.
> So, I went to another station, one I used to goto when I lived in
> All they do is inspections.  They were able to test the car in lass than
> minutes.  I went out, and saw another "R" on the car.  Damn.  Handed me
the new
> report.
> HC's went to 438 at idle!!! (first test was 393, limit is 220)  What the
> How the hell did they go up?  All I did was replace components!  Did the
dry gas
> drive them up?
> So, I called the RMV to see about getting a waiver, since I spent over
> trying to fix the problem.  The inspector said he could overlook the issue
of me
> not taking it to a registered technician, but he could not overlook the
> that the emission went up.
> <sigh>
> So, I ran another tank of emission pass.  Changed the oil again.  My only
> get the emission to go down, lower than the first reading so I could get
> waiver.  Nothing more.
> Went for another test last Thursday.  Went to the same place in
Somerville.  I
> watched them testing it.  Could see they were having some problems, and
ran the
> test at least twice, but after about 45 minutes, they pulled my car out.
> walked over, the tech got out of the car and said "All set".  Didn't hand
me a
> report or anything.  I assumed it was in the car.  Got in the car.
> I notice that the sticker doesn't have an "R" on it anymore.  Get back
out.  It
> is a "9".  The car passed.  But there was no report to be found.
> Did the car indeed pass?  Or were they just sick of seeing the car, looked
> the list of replaced components, and passed the car manually?  Either way,
> wasn't asking questions.  All I know is I have another 2 years before I
have to
> deal with this issue again.
> :)
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