[200q20v] Running Hot

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Sep 13 20:40:08 EDT 2001

Fusible link is a separate part (# N 017 125 3).  About $1.50 at reasonable 
dealer sources.

At 11:38 AM 09/13/2001 -0400, RICHARD MEZIC wrote:

>Thanks to everyone that responded to my recent e-mail about my 200q20v wagon
>running hot.  And the answer is...
>The fusible link! (for those keeping score at home) :).
>I started out by checking the fan.  I disconnected it from the harness and
>powered it directly with jumper cables.  Next step was the fusible link.  It
>looked OK but I wanted to take it apart to clean off the surface corrosion
>and it crumbled in my hands.
>The inevitable next question - where's a good source for a new fusible link?
>Does it come with the whole black mounting box?  Or should I go with a
>generic part from the local FLAPS?  What have other people done?  Somebody
>posted recently that they used a Ford or GM part.  Can I replace it with an
>inline heavy-duty fuse holder?
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