[200q20v] Re: Fault Code 2413, HELP and speaker whistle

David Kavanagh dak at dotech.com
Sun Sep 16 21:27:49 EDT 2001

Thanks, but this is not RPM related. Pitch change seems to be time 
related and that time isn't always constant. Should probably just replace...


Derek Pulvino wrote:

> Levent,
> I was going to say check Scott Mockry's site for more information on 
> fault code 2413, but then I actually read your e-mail and realized 
> you'd been down that road.  Too rich aye?  Leak on intake path?  Some 
> kind of problem with the new chip?  Was anything else changed at the 
> same time as the ECU programming?  I also though maybe O2 sensor but 
> by the fact that the computer knows enough to figure out the "adaption 
> limit's been exceeded" it implies the O2 sensor is working.  How else 
> would the engine know if the limit's have been exceeded?
> Best I can do with the info.  Never btdt.  Chris Miller?
> Dak,
> The sound you described likely changes pitch in direct relation to the 
> engine RPM's.  IE, higher RPM, higher pitch noise.  This noise is 
> often associated with the alternator; often caused by a bad ground 
> (whether in radio, external connectors, at speakers, etc.) or at 
> running signal wires too close to the power supply.  Second is 
> unlikely since it is a factory system and likely didn't do it new.  It 
> does still have the factory system?  I wouldn't be alarmed and 
> consider it indicative of an impending Bose explosion.  My cars been 
> doing since my purchase (2+years) and stereos still going strong.  I 
> also notice it more on the tape player than radio.
> One solution I've heard of is installing a capacitor between the hot 
> output on the alternator and ground.   Like I said though, haven't 
> been down that road so don't know what value capacitor to use or 
> whether there is another better solution.
> In the least, I think you can safely forget about an impending 
> incendiary failure.
> Derek Pulvino
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