[200q20v] Re-Circ Door Spring & DIY Alignment...

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Mon Sep 17 10:07:01 EDT 2001

The door that closes off the cabin and the door that opens the evaporator 
box to outside air share a hinge assembly in a fixed relationship.  That 
is, the arms the doors are fastened to come from the shared hinge are 
molded into a nonchanging position so that when the cabin door is open to 
allow cabin air into the evaporator box, the evap door to outside air is 
closed, etc.  The return spring is intended to close the cabin door.  If 
it's hanging from the inside of the box, its plastic anchor on the door is 
broken (not very common) or the "hook" end of the spring is broken.  If 
it's hanging from the plastic anchor on the back of the door, the plastic 
bar inside the box has been cut through by the spring or the spring end has 
broken.  The most common failure is for the spring to cut through the 
plastic bar.  The easiest fix is to fold a loop of light metal over the bar 
and put a hole through the metal for the spring to anchor in.

At 08:39 AM 09/17/2001 -0400, Hemberger, Chris wrote:

>Hello All,
>Couple of quick questions for the experts:  Can somebody verify the correct
>installation location of the notorious HVAC recirculating door return
>spring?  I checked Mr. Mockery's website and the diagram indicates that the
>spring connects both the recirc. and fresh air doors.  Am I interpreting
>this correctly? One end of mine is broken and therefore just hanging
>I am attempting the DIY alignment and have been unable to rotate the tie rod
>adjuster despite loosening the jam nuts.  Bentley mentions loosening the
>'clamps' but not too sure what/where they are;  I suspect they are these
>collar-looking things that the jam nuts clamp down on.  Looks as though the
>female threaded sections have axial slots in them which allow a deflection
>of the threaded 'tube' as the collar crimps down on it.  Did not spend a lot
>of time on it but that's what it look like.  Any
>recommendations/clarification?  Thanks.
>Chris Hemberger
>91 200Q-20v Avant
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