[200q20v] 100 (non turbo) euros vs. 200 (turbo) euros (type 44)

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Thu Sep 20 20:39:06 EDT 2001

Has anyone compared the light output of the 100 euros vs. the 200 euros?

I was browsing some deja newsgroup archives on the web and ran into the
following which I thought of interest to us (this is from the
well-respected author of lighting.mbz.org):

for parabolic-reflector headlamps (which is what both of these
designs are), a larger vertical reflector diameter tends to increase
overall beam intensity, while a larger horizontal reflector diameter
directly influences seeing distance.  (the relationship is so predictable
as to be expressed by a mathematical equation which I can't bring to mind
at the moment).   So while the dual-bulb setup in the 5" lamps can
increase flexibility in some aspects of headlamp design, the better
overall package is the very tall, very wide 6"/single bulb lamp.  The
pieces to convert from the 5" lamps to the 6" lamps (headlamp units, trim
panel below headlamps, front corner turn signal/sidemarker lamps, and--if
applicable--headlamp wiper parts) would be quite expensive indeed, but I
would not have a Volvo 850 without the 6" tall headlamps.

Given these facts, aesthetics aside, it would appear that the 100 euro
lights might be a better choice for lighting than the 200 ones (they're
about an inch taller I believe, no trim pieces above) for Type 44s.

Thoughts?  I'd especially be curious to know if anyone has seen light
outputs from both euro-equipped 100s and 200s (eurolisters, etc.).

'91 200q20v (with 200 euros, maybe should've saved $$$ and gotten 100

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