[200q20v] Normal Temp Gauge Reading

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Sep 20 19:35:55 EDT 2001

At 5:33 PM -0400 9/20/01, RICHARD MEZIC wrote:
>What's the "normal" operating range for the water temperature gauge at the
>left of the cluster?
>If you look on the gauge (from left to right) - it has three close heavy
>hash marks, one light one, one heavy one, two light ones, one heavy one, one
>light one.  Also, there are two sets of dots.  In order, it looks like: (o =
>dot, i = light mark, I = heavy mark)
>oIIoI i I i oio I i
>In my car (1991 200q wagon) the fan goes on when the temp reaches above the
>middle heavy hash mark and the engine cools down before it reaches the next
>(light) one.
>What is everyone else's experience?

Hi Richard, you don't _really_ want to know "everyone else's" do you?  :-)

This has been discussed here (and on the qlist) a good deal. Lots of 
variation. My car is one that behaves similar to what you 
describe--the fan comes on when the needle is nearly vertical (just 
at or slightly above that 4th heavy mark). Getting to this temp 
requires idling for just a minute or so in moderately warm ambient 
temps. At cruising speeds-even in summer-- the needle remains just at 
(or even below) the first very thin mark which is well toward the 
left side of the gauge.

Some '91 200q owners typically see higher gauge readings. They 
probably have clean BBS wheels also.

Possible causes are: Thermostat variations? Temp gauge 
sensitivity/adjustment? Multifunction sensor variations? My gauge 
readings remained unchanged after installing a new thermostat and 
sensor, so an adjustment of the gauge itself might be needed (or 
not). I've decided it's no cause for concern. I get great gas 
mileage, use almost no oil and heater works fine in the depths of 


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