[200q20v] That time of year is coming- snow tire recommendation

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at integraonline.com
Fri Sep 21 18:40:31 EDT 2001

    In general, for snow, I believe you should go with the 
tallest/narrowest tire for best control.  I convert my brake upgrade 
(using 235/45 X 17" tires on 17 X 8" rims) back to UFO's in the winter 
so I can use my stock 15" wheels with 195/65 X 15" Nokian NRW's.  They 
perform well on ice (4 winter ice events in MN), great on snow, very 
quiet, a stable all around tire and for this size were only $85/ea. last 
season from Anderson's.  If your brake conversion would allow it (as 
well as the checkbook) I would go to a 16' winter wheel with a 205/55 
tire.  From last seasons brochure the narrowest NRW in 17" is 225/45, 
but I would go with a 205/50 X17" size.
    Best ice tire?  After riding in several cars at last winters events 
I would vote for the Nokian Hakkapellita Q's, better than Blizzaks (used 
on my '87 5k).


TM wrote:

>It looks like I will need to buy snow tires this year, and
>with my upcoming brake conversion, I plan on using my OEM
>Avus wheels for winter use.
>That said, what do you recommend for use on a 17x7.5" ET45
>wheel on a '91 200q?
>Mild Philly winters suggest a tire that is heavily dry-biased
>with enough grip to handle light to medium snow and occasional
>ice. I figure plenty of caution, quattro and winter tire compounds
>will get me through w/o difficulty.
>I need recommendations on tire sizes as well as models. I'm
>currently considering 205/50R17 and 225/45R17 in terms of size
>and am leaning toward the Dunlop Wintersport M2 as a tire. I
>fear that Nokian NRW-H would be well over $150/tire.
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