[200q20v] Clutch? Throbbing?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Sep 21 20:17:07 EDT 2001

At 12:37 PM -0600 9/21/01, Mike Miller wrote:
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>From: <mailto:dale at themccormacks.org>Dale McCormack
>I ordered mine (clutch/pressure plate/throwout bearing) from German 
>Parts & Restoration for $250.
>Dealer has quoted $950-1200 for labor alone.  I'm going to get a 
>local mechanic quote as well.  Please advise others' cost experience.
>That seems a little high to me for the labor. I've had my tranny out 
>3 times - labor for that is about 9-10 hours.
>mike miller
>helmville mt

When my car's tranny came out the shop labor was 6 hours. I can 
verify that was close to the actual time spent--including install 3 
oil seals, throw-out bearing and pilot bearing (no other clutch work 


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