[200q20v] New Plates!

Paul Waterloo pwaterloo at compuserve.com
Tue Sep 25 17:29:02 EDT 2001

So when I bought my new A8, I still had the 91 200q which had plates:
AUDIOS 4, which I thought was really cool because it said 4 as in quattro,
adios S4 (which I did do once) and other things....

I didn't transfer my plate because I needed both cars registered until I
sold my old one. So I put in for new plates after I turned in my old one. In
Illinois, you can spend a ONE TIME fee of $14 and get a personalized plate
(letters followed by at least one number).

My choices:

1. AUDIOS 8 (now I thought that would be cool!)
2. AUDIOS 4 (still get to keep it)

And I got AUDIOS 1!!! That will be one cool plate. A $14 check in the mail
and I'll get it soon enough.....

And it only cost me $89 for the new license plate holder on the front bumper
(the car didn't have one before) and $125 to get it painted......


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