[200q20v] 1990 200TQAvant 17" WheelRim Clearance Issues

Scott suffolkassociates at verizon.net
Wed Sep 26 15:36:31 EDT 2001

 Doing some experimentaion on a 1990 200 TQAvant/Wagon non flared wheelwells.
The vehicle is on stock suspension and I was going to lower the car with (Blau) H&R springs, but have this clearance issue first:       My problem is that the 17" 35MM offset Cieffe A4 look-a-likes are so close to the rear fender well. Receipt states 17 x 7.5 rim 5 x 122MM bolt

The stock 15"rims are 45MM offset.

Discount tire says the 17" 35MM offset will fit the wheel wells and max tire size is 215/45/17.

I have 225/45/17.  I do question the extra 10MM (width) being the reason (they say: the aspect ratio sidewall height because of the extra 10MM tire width) is the reason they don't fit.

The fronts are sooo close (to strut control arm) but at 35MM offset they fit and spacers may be the answer for total safety.  And it looks like having a 45MM offset would work in the back only not the front.            

Any Ideas??????????  ALSO, are there back brake rotors with a shorter "hat" to draw in the rear tires so I can use the 35MM offset 17" rims/wheels?

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