[200q20v] shifter mechanism

Max Conover maxesales at home.com
Wed Sep 26 19:09:28 EDT 2001


Were is this bolt that you are speaking about ? I have the same problem
right now.


Chris Covington wrote:

> That's funny, I had the same exact problem except lost 1,3, and 5.  I
> think I'd prefer your loss over mine, I hated slipping the clutch so
> much in 2nd to get it to roll.
> Anyway, the problem most likely is this small bolt on top of the
> transmission (accessible by opening the hood and reaching down) on the
> shifter linkage that has come loose.  Simply tighten it (and apply
> locktite), and you're well on your way.
> I noticed another 200q20v wagon at Shokan that they just brought in had
> this same exact problem.  This and the fusible link for the rad. fan
> seems to be the most popular annoying 200q20v failures of 2001.
> Chris
> '91 200q20v
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> i recently purchased a 200q20v  and that very night I lost 2,4, and
> reverse gears.  i believe that the ball below the shift rod is broken
> and think I have to replace the whole shifter mechanism.  Any info is
> much appreciated. Thanks.
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