[200q20v] RE: [s-cars] Inlet Air Temp code

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Thu Sep 27 18:06:36 EDT 2001

Checked the sensor- 576 ohms on a still warm engine. Sounds like it is
in spec. I inspected the connection and it looks fine as well- the sensor
is the gold-plated kind, no corrosion to speak of.

BTW- the resistance between the two pins on the harness side was
2400 ohms or thereabouts- sound normal?

Now what do I do? Any suggestions?


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I've had this problem on my 200 since day one.  It's the fault code that
doesn't go away.

When I had the fault code showing, and some gumption to do it, I checked the
ohms on the sensor as related to temp.  It checked out fine.  Like Scott
says, just be sure to unplug the ECU harness before checking resistance to
make sure your only measuring the sensor.  I thought maybe there was a break
in the wire somewhere, but haven't sourced it out as of yet.

As to the connector issue, the connectors are soldered onto the temp sensor
and the wire.  My guess is at the end of the replacement, you want to mimic
the factory setup as close as possible; connectors solder to the wire, then
connectors soldered to temp sensor.

Derek P

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>Subject: [s-cars] Inlet Air Temp code
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>Just wondering- do all turbo quattros get this code on a
>regular basis? My 5ktq did the same thing, now the 200q does
>it as well.
>Time to break out the multimeter and the Bentley and do some
>testing. I don't exactly understand SJM's comment on this one-
>does the replacement sensor require that you cut off the old
>one from the wiring harness, crimp/solder a new connector and
>then the sensor, or is it a simple plug-in procedure?
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