[200q20v] 1990 200TQAvant 17" WheelRim Clearance Issues

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 27 21:40:14 EDT 2001

With a non-flared car, IME the max you can go is 7 inches wide
with a 45mm offset. Any lesser offset and you won't clear the rear
fenders. Any more offset and you won't clear the tie rods in the front
or the suspension. Same goes for wheel width.

If you want to run big wheels and tires on a 5ktq, you must take
the car to a _good_ bodyshop and have them flare the fenders out-
it's an art form, really to form the metal like that and do a nice
job, then reweld the two layers back together and repaint. The cost
of this job may make it worthwhile to consider getting a '91 200q,
a V8 or an UrS. I know a shop in New Jersey that can do the work- but
it will cost you dearly, I imagine. They reformed a rear quarter panel
on our A4 by hand- amazing work, no filler.

I would love to do a rebody on a type 44 with the V8 flares all around,
V8 front end, but I-5 20v engine, but it's not practical.


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