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Sat Sep 29 09:49:06 EDT 2001

I have spoken with L Tyvie at RA many times over the years, and gave him some 
kibitzing early on with his car (maroon 87 5ktq).  As I am also involved in 
building one of these (87 5ktq black) at my shop (*with* a RS2 engine 
transplant to add some excitement), so my interest was at it's highest this 
time around.  

Car was light, no daily driver.  Missing:  Interior, all of it, including the 
dash board.
full cage
coil over suspension
STOCK (and I mean completely) MC-1, 12psi
track tires
quick release steering wheel - cool
plexiglass windows in the back
rear wing.

Many bummed porsche cars at RA.  We joked about it at the dinner Monday 
night.  He was also bummed that the LT1Q is gone.  Remember too, that the 
5ktq chassis is a couple hundred pound lighter than the 200tq right off the 

Scott Justusson

Neil writes:
My ego says he was one up on track tires and I was with instructor and on
street tires but I know the real story.  He had grip, power and no damn

Anyone know these guys?  I'm not about to strip my 91, just curious.  Maybe
something to do if the car ever becomes  "the other car".

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