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The guy in the flat black 5ktq is a friend of mine here in SC, Mike Guidotti. 

He has shaved off some weight, gone is; 
carpet, rear seats, a/c & heat (ducts, heater box, evap box, everything), 
door panels, power windows, power steering, stereo etc, etc, etc.
He has H&R springs w/ bilstien sports up front and 6-7 yr old spax 
adjustables in the rear(soon too be replaced w/ bilsports as well. 
The brakes are Willwood up front/ stock in rear.
He was still running on a 4-5 year old set of R1's (17").
The engine is basically stock save for being chipped. 
He has water injection also, but I don't know if he was running it or not. I 
will have to ask.

He should be shedding those front boat anchors, uhm, I mean front seats by 
next year in favor of race seats. That should help get his times down a bit 
with the 60ish lb each units replaced with 12-14lb units, plus he won't have 
to hold on for dear life any longer. He has the comfort seats now and the 
only thing holding him in is the 5pt belts.

It's not a daily driver any longer, he drives the old 16v GTI. However he 
said even with all that stuff yanked out of the 5000, it still rides nicer 
and more comfortably and no noisier than the GTI.   

Steve Hauptmann
91 200 20v
87 GTI
89 911

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