[200q20v] Rear Caliper Specs? Bentley is confusing me..

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Sep 30 18:33:42 EDT 2001

At 11:05 AM -0400 9/30/01, Calliope wrote:
>The Bentley says the rear disk should be between 10 and 8 mm thick. Is
>that the total thickness of the disk, or the thickness of just one of
>the faces?
>My disk is about 20mm in total thickness, which makes no sense compared
>to the specs, but if I measure the individual faces (seperated by the
>ventilation gap), they are each about 6.5mm thick.
>Time for new disks, or what...?

You were not reading specs for the '91 200q ventilated rear rotors.

Minimum rear ventilated rotor thickness is 18mm. Your rotors are A-OK.

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