rotor specs - when to replace?

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When the two friction surfaces of a pair of bake pads
make physical contact with one another only then is it
about time to think about replacing the rotor.


"We change no rotor before it's time."



--- Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> Alrighty, I'm confused...
> Rear rotors on the car measure 19.6mm(well, one of
> them does.)
> Under 100/200 Quattro rear brake assembly, 46.15,
> spec new is 10mm,
> replace at 8mm.   Huh?
> On 46.1b(supposed to be on 41.b according to the
> index), spec says
> "20mm" and nothing more. that the
> wear limit, or new
> thickness?
> What's the proper spec for new and wear limit in mm?
>  I'm fairly
> certain these things are well past their wear
> limit...
> Further, what's up with the Bentley on this
> particular section?
> Wrong page numbers, wrong specs, etc...
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