comparison pic of rebuilt/original calipers

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Apr 1 22:48:36 EST 2002

As promised:

Guess which one is the rebuilt.


The LEFT unit is from a rebuild and has been on the car for about two
years, if I remember correctly.

The RIGHT unit is at -least- 5 years old; it hasn't been replaced
since I bought the car, that's for sure.

Lovely, eh?

Incidentally, the boot was fine on both.

I'm almost positive the rebuilt was on the driver's side, but I have
my doubts...I can't believe that this amount of damage would happen
over such a short period of time.  I remember being severely annoyed
when the caliper started seizing, and I'm fairly certain it was "oh
great, there goes the one I just installed."  I'm pretty sure I
remember working on the driver's side of the car... further, the
driver's side unit had anti-seize compound all around the ebrake
shaft.  I might take a poke in the archives to see if I posted about

Well, off to find supplies...orings for the ebrake shafts, cheap
needle nose pliers to file down to the get the ring out, sandblasting
media and some sort of tough paint(NO, not red :-)  Isn't there a
kind of bake-on epoxy paint or something that are done by shops?  I
know jet-hot has a thermal-dissipative version of their coating, but
we're talking shade-tree operation, not NASA here :-)  Long as it's
reasonably cheap, doesn't hurt the heat transfer of the caliper too
much, and keeps the whole thing from rusting up, I could care less
what it is...

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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