200q20v still not running update and call for 20vt experts

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Tue Apr 2 14:57:20 EST 2002

Fellow listers,

After proceeding to the ECU/Hall sensor testing as per the factory repair
manual I have at home, the fault appears to be the Hall sensor. I still
have an RPM sensor fault code but after checking for continuity it seems to
be okay and related to the no-start fault code extraction proceedure. At
least I hope so....

Now, how the h*ll do I get this *£%@& distributor out of the head? Do I
need to pull the IM? Can't it be done otherwise? I hope yes because I don't
feel like pulling the IM right now....could it be that an internal wire at
the Hall sensor is broken and that would cause the sensor to be "bad"? Is
it possible to use a 5-window 10v hall sensor if it appears to be similar
to the spare one I have at home? It'd be cool not to have to buy a new
distributor, even though the new dizzy would have the metal gear....Also,
if anyone has a Bosch reference for the Hall sensor alone it'd be nice if
he would like to share it with me....

Thanks for your answers,


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