steer clear of Foreign Autopart rebuilds

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> At 08:08 PM 04/01/2002 -0800, Bernie Benz wrote:
>> <<<<Snip Great Advice On Refurbishing caliper pistons>>>>
>> Oh, relube your caliper slide pins and bushings, the only possible cause of
>> side to side uneven pad wear.
> Can these pins become bowed/bent?  I have one set that has been cleaned of
> all old muck, buffed on a wire wheel, lubed with new Audi brake grease and
> "feel" like they slide easily but the caliper still wears the pads unevenly.
Not in normal use, IMO.  Maybe because of an accident or incomp. wrench
using the caliper as a lever fulcrum, or such.  If the hydraulics are all
gummed up, limiting piston retraction and/or excessive disk runout may cause
more rapid pad wear, but should be approx equal.  The outside pad will
always have a usually negligablely higher wear just due to the slight force
required to recenter the caliper on the rotor after application, aggrivated
by rusty slide pins.  Swap pads, inside to outside once a year to compensate
and achieve max pad life.  Who needs wear sensors, the backing plate is the
best wear warning.


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