Proprietary clutch on a 20 valve ???

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Check the audifans market place:
found the following:
91 200 Quattro Flywheel with new teeth ring

                                               Pedro Rodriguez
14, 2002
                        Image URL:
                                               No picture available
                        91 200 Quattro Flywheel that came off 3B motor. It
has a clutch and pressure plate with about 100K miles on them (which seem
to be in good
                        shape). The teeth ring is new. Buyer pays shipping.


At 05:37 PM 4/2/2002 -0500, Audi Sport wrote:
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>I used to have a 1991 Audi 200 20 valve and I bought a clutch kit for it from
>Blaufergnugen I believe (aka[1]) They sent me a
>clutch kit that's made for Audi 200's. There was no separate clutch kit for
>the 20 valve version. I remember paying around $320 or so. Now I am on my
>second Audi 200 20 valve and again I needed to buy a clutch kit. This time I
>bought the kit from Olympic Auto Parts. They are located in Gaithersburg MD,
>also where I am located. When they looked it up in the computer they said that
>the 20 valve clutch kit had a different part number, they asked me if I have
>the 20 valve version and that the clutch for that car was over $400. So now
>what I am wondering about is if there really is a different clutch that is
>used for the 20 valve version. Anyone have this experience or know if there is
>a different part numbet listed for the 20 valves?
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