IC TB Silicone hose

Chewy at www.audifans.com Chewy at www.audifans.com
Wed Apr 3 08:06:49 EST 2002

Im looking into getting a silicone hose for this application, instead of pay 100$ plus for a Samco or other type.

This is the product type and info:Purosil Hose Products are high quality silicone hoses and connectors for a variety of industries, including heavy duty trucks, buses, automotive, aircraft, government and industrial applications. Products include coolant, heater, vacuum and turbocharger hoses. Purosil was the first manufacturer to offer hoses backed by a 1,000,000 mile limited warranty. Purosil has produced quality silicone hoses since 1958 and has lead the industry in innovation and creativity through continuous improvement. Purosil operations earned the ISO9002 and QS9000 Quality System Certificate of Recognition.

I should be getting a quote soon and if anyone is interested I'll let you know.

91 200 20v
87 4000csq
86 4000csq
84 4000sq

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