Parts list for fuel pump replacement?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Apr 3 13:24:29 EST 2002

At 1:44 PM -0800 4/2/02, Scalmanini Steve wrote:
>Mike at Carlsen double-checked with Didi and they
>think it's only the V8 that requires the intermediate
>part, not the 200.  The P/N for the basket for the
>V8's replacement fuel pump is apparantly on the V8
>fiche, but not on the 200s.  Now I'm reallly confused.
>  Were you by chance thinking of a V8?

If your 200q20v is having its **original** pump replaced with the
slimmer (43 mm) pump then I believe it absolutely needs that
intermediate sleeve. Period. If you're replacing a **replacement**
pump, then the sleeve--called "spring pin" for some unknown
reason--might be in there already.

spring pin (adaptor)   441 201 791

This p/n is quoted from Chris Miller's site (my writeup)
If you look at the photo on that web page, you'll see why that part is needed.


>FWIW, the pump I received from them is 1.69" (43mm)
>diameter x 4.12" (104.5mm) long, and the 2 threaded
>electrical studs are different: 4 mm & 5 mm.
>--- Kneale Brownson <knotnook at> wrote:
>If you're getting the smaller diameter fuel pump, you
>definitely need the intermediate part that fits around
>the smaller pump and attaches it to the basket.  Didi
>at Carlsen found me the intermediate part, but it
>required their getting it from some parts depot in
>I couldn't get my OEM style pump basket out of its
>mounting without the tool specified in the Bentley.
>The electric connectors to the smaller pump also are
>different-sized studs than the originals (if you're
>getting a Bosch pump, anyway) and require a larger
>circular connector.  I had one on hand and just
>clipped off the old and crimped on the new.  Bosch
>doesn't supply nuts on the studs either, so you need
>to find one to fit the "new" size.  One of the OEM
>size nuts will fit the other stud.
>At 03:44 PM 03/28/2002 -0800, Scalmanini Steve wrote:
>Are there any parts missing from the list below to
>replace the fuel pump?  According to Carlsen, nothing
>else is necessary, but I don't want to get such an
>essential part out and discover I'm short something.
>E.g. I thought Bentley showed more than 2 banjo
>fittings had to be removed, so more than 4
>washer-seals were necessary.  And does the "basket"
>have to be replaced, since the new pump is apparently
>smaller diameter than the original?
>8A0-906-091-G   1 ea.   Fuel Pump
>4A0-201-351-C   1 ea.   Fuel Hose
>N-102-582-01    1 ea.   Clip (clamp for rubber end of
>new Fuel Hose)
>N-013-812-8     4 ea.   Washer (seals for banjo
>N-904-644-02    1 ea.   O-Ring (for pump assy. to fuel
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