200q Avant 3rd seat

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No mystery.  Peter, if you look at the fwd versions in the family album, you
see the same part numbers listed.  Which means to me, that indeed *IF* the
fwd and awd rear platforms are the same, you could grab a rear seat from a
fwd car.  I know they exist in the usa, I've seen more than a couple.

I've never seen a rear seat in the quattros.  My bet is that the reason you
don't, is that it won't fit.  If a quattro owner in the EC actually HAS the
rear facing seat installed in the tqw, this could end the mystery.

For now Peter, we certainly could conclude from the family album (which I
just don't believe in this context), that the FWD and the AWD of the rear
facing seats are identical in application and fitment.

Scott Justusson
type 44tqw no rear seat
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Ah, the intrigue of this mystery!

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Dunno about that...

My copy of the family album shows the following:
Model a20q 91
MG 8
SG 87
Illustration 148-20

shows p/n 445-887-053....

Makes me wonder where you would put the spare tire, tho


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