engine/tranny alignment?

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at waratap.com
Thu Apr 4 13:17:51 EST 2002


I don't have any info -- Sorry.

But that reminds me -- I spoke with my local technician friend and he is of
the opinion it is internal to the forks of the tranny and not to worry about
it.  Of course, it was VERY minimal when I attempted to demonstrate the
problem --isn't that usually the case?

However, I'm not totally convinced about this and believe that the linkage
has something to do with it (at least I hope so).  I wish I had the time to
figure it out.  The Trans wing bushings have been replaced on mine but my
shifter is definitely on the sloppy side.  Noise is still only present in
3rd and 5th gears (who stays in 1st long enough to check).

Good luck


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> I'm raising this point in my attempt to understand if some sort of
> (correctable) misalignment could cause that mysterious driveline
> noise that I've posted about--the noise that is heard only while
> coasting off-throttle and is silenced by pulling straight up on the
> shift lever.
> Phil
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