weak alternator

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 4 23:31:17 EST 2002

That is strange.  I bet you have a bad connection.  I think the stock amp is
130 amps.  Even if it is only 100 amps, that should be more then enough.
Check for loose connections and bad connections.  You should have WAY more
then enough power.

I run two amps, 560 watts of headlamps, ALL the running lights AND a
Hinicker V snow plow on a TOTALLY stock ford F-250 system with no problems
at all.

My boat has a measly 65 amp alternator.  I can run a heater, blower, all the
lights in it (23.5 feet), bilge, shower pump and radio and it just starts to
get taxed.  I do have a 130 amp for the boat but have not installed it yet.

So, unless you are running a gazillion watt amps, look somewhere else.  Also
check for a slipping belt.  And, if all that fails and the higher power alt
does not work, get some caps for the amps.

Avi's high zoot alternators:   http://home.pacbell.net/avim/index.html


Shayne P.

Enough Audis to give plenty of headaches.

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> Subject: weak alternator
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> Do any of you know what the amperage is on a stock alternator (1991 200 20V)?
> Problem is that it doesn't give the car enough power to run my amps,
> especially my sub amp. The lights dim everytime the bass hits plus it will run
> on low power many times. The low voltage light starts blinking on the
> amplifier and it starts sounding like crap since the amp gets starved. So, I
> was wondering if there is a place where I could either build up my stock
> alternator to put out more amps or to get another alternator that already puts
> out more amps. If they exist can you let me know? And also I'd like to know
> how many amps they put out? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
> Dan.
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