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Fri Apr 5 20:02:49 EST 2002

That's about the process for BEGINNING to join a Yahoo Group.  Be sure you
painstakingly go through the step of editing your "options" regarding ALL
THE CRAP Yahoo otherwise will be sending you "on behalf of their
partners".  A couple months ago, Yahoo "updated" their system and every
subscriber was reassigned virtually every "option" for junk mail even if
they weren't Yahoo Mail subscribers.  I'm on a Yahoo cycle group and my
wife's on about five needlework and fabric groups and you wouldn't believe
the daily download of trash that resulted.  You have to decline
individually about 30 types of "interesting information" they'll send you

At 05:33 PM 04/05/2002 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>At 1:54 PM -0800 4/5/02, Fundsalo Racing wrote:
>>Thanks for the help, but I need specific instructions.
>>How does one "subscribe to Yahoo as a member"?
>>I use yahoo mail, is that good enough? If anyone has
>>specific instructions, BTDT-type, please advise.
>Login to Yahoo mail...then navigate over to Yahoo Groups, search for
>the s-car list, and click Join.  I think. :-)
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