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Fri Apr 5 19:08:25 EST 2002

> Today's UFO news:

Yesterday's news ;-), I got my UFO's in early March and
found out that Audi full retail list is now $264.80 each.
I called every supplier I know and even the place where
I have a wholesale account and the best price I could find
was about $290.  I called the dealer on a whim and ordered
them on the spot when I figured they'd made a mistake.
None of the "discount" folks seem to have caught on yet.
Even the dealer "book" is incorrect on pricing...only the
"Audi Computer" reflects the new and correct price.

> Oh, and my new UFO rotors arrived today...I've forgotten just how big
> they are and how heavy they are...yikes.  Sort of one of those "looks
> bigger in person" deals.  They just don't look as imposing on the car.

You know... they're almost impressive enough that it got me
to thinking...I've paid at least as much money for a lot less
product.  Has any one ever noticed that the thickness of the
rotor appears to be tapered from thickest at center to thinnest
at the outer edge?  Old news perhaps...I just never noticed.

> Anyway, stamped between the lug bolt holes "12/00"

Got you beat mate...my NEW ones are stamped 1/96 and 5/92.
Thanks for making me check...now I can wonder all about why
my NEW rotors were manufactured during the first Bush
administration.  They are stamped differently, but without
going into detail the manufacturing an final product appear
to be identical.  What's interesting is that all the fancy
packing material is IDENTICAL right down to the color of
the flecks in the padding inside the box.  That makes the
dating on them all the more interesting.

> I'm almost embarrassed to ask, but I've got this can of black high
> temp enamel engine paint, and I'm so tempted to shoot a little paint
> the non-contact surfaces, like the outer lip of the rotor and the
> inner vanes...do I need to find something better to do with my time,



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