UFO sightings/earlier scar-list post

wolff at turboquattro.com wolff at turboquattro.com
Fri Apr 5 22:22:37 EST 2002

> I guess the question is how high is high temp?  Remember that brakes can
> get mighty hot...
> Another idea to consider is having the rotors cryo-treated.  Frozen, that
> is.  Couple of vendors around nationally, with varying prices.  I paid
> $25/rotor (< 12") at one-cryo, an outfit local to me.

Nah, no problem. I painted the rotors on my urq with Chevy red engine paint
and you can smell it if you really heat 'em up, but they look fine still.
The actual friction surface gets really hot of course, but the paint is only
on the hat area which is somewhat cooler. On the track all bets are off

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