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At 11:02 AM -0500 4/5/02, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>>Avi's high zoot alternators:   http://home.pacbell.net/avim/index.html
>I don't particularly recommend them.  Avi was pleasant enough to deal
>with and was willing to help me out in a crunch, but he never really
>could explain why I saw absolutely no difference in voltage or
>capacity between his "supernator" which supposedly had an extra 40a
>of capacity and a higher voltage regulator, and my stock 110a
>alternator.  He kept repeating what was on his webpage, and I gave up
>trying to get an answer to my questions from him.

What kind of testing causes you to claim that your "Ultranator" fails
to exceed the output capacity of the stock (110 A.) Bosch alternator?
I'm surprised that Avi does not provide some graphical data (at least
of a generic type) to illustrate just how his rebuild will outperform
a standard 110 amp alternator. I recently saw a (non-Bosch) rebuilt
unit at a friend's shop, and it was supplied with a graph purporting
to show the actual output (vs RPM) of that particular unit (i.e.,
serial number.)

>   It's a royal waste of money by the time you get through with
>shipping(compared to the local auto parts store; figure at least $60
>on top of his prices, for the shipping!),

Well, you could be right, although "his price" is stated to be $205
+$15 shipping. Surely you didn't pay anything near 60 bucks to ship
your core to him(?) But even a $265 cost for the Utranator would
amount to about (or even less than) the price I paid a local shop
(incl. sales tax) for a Bosch-rebuilt 110 A alternator. If the
electrical output of Avi's alternator is only "normal"--and the
rebuild quality is high--I don't see where you went wrong. I must've
missed those posts that questioned his rebuild quality.


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