Oil Pressure ?'s - Frams?

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Sun Apr 7 07:59:37 EDT 2002

Tim is right!

Just FWIW.  If you crack open a Fram and you crack open a Mann
you will notice several things in most if not all cases:

Fram has far less filter media
Fram appears to have less "flow" due to the contruction of
  the center tube
Construction of the Fram's internals is "sloppy"
The Fram lacks an antidrainback valve in most cases I am aware of
The Mann is going to have a bypass valve that matches the specs for
  the car it is built for so that if the filter gets clogged the
  oil might actually still flow (you can't say that about a Fram)

Two Vice Presidents of Fram lived within the 5 houses that surrounded
  my parents when I was growing up.  Here's a quote from one of them
  when he saw me using a Fram on my old '84 Rabbit Diesel:
  "You sure you want to use a Fram on that car?  They sure aren't
   what they used to be, and there's no drainback valve"

Fram filters were actually outlawed for a time by one of the major
  motorcycle racing sanctioning groups.  The Frams had blown out on
  the track and caused accidents.

I know a mechanic in NY that says he sees 2-3 "totaled motors" from
  blown out oil filters every year.  Never once was the filter a Mann.

I used to use them too...years ago.

Paul Royal aka 20RoT

Fundsalo Racing wrote

> Ever see a close-up of a Ferrari engine that did _not_
> have a Fram?
> I've used Fram for many many years too, on many
> different types of vehicles, all with great results.
> Could the diff in pressue be due to an old (clogged)
> filter Vs a new clean one?
> Fram claims high-technology, quality filtration and
> low pressure drop, FWIW.
> I will be switching away from Fram now, because my new
> employer does not like personally like 'those orange
> filters' and I don't want him to see them on my cars
> anyomre. When in Rome.....
> :)
> -glen

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