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Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Sun Apr 7 23:08:35 EDT 2002

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From: Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net>

> Today's UFO news:
> Apparently Audi has dropped prices on UFOs...most distributors and
> certainly most retail/MO parts places don't know it yet.  Maybe
> they've started up production, maybe they have more than they know
> what to do with, or maybe the BIRA bracket and Paul Fernandez have
> 'em running scared, take your pick :-)
> Oh, and my new UFO rotors arrived today...I've forgotten just how big
> they are and how heavy they are...yikes.  Sort of one of those "looks
> bigger in person" deals.  They just don't look as imposing on the car.
> Anyway, stamped between the lug bolt holes:
> "12/00"

The ones I got in February were also manufactured 12/00 - the ones I pulled
off ( about 120k on them) were dated 8/89 as I recall. List in Missoula was
$373 - I paid $300 ea with no shipping charges. Carlsen was $290 + shipping
at that time. I'll ask the parts guy if the price has dropped.

mike miller

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